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SAFE WIFI ACCESS + WIFI SCANNER Secure WiFi – Maintain an encrypted connection online WiFi Protection – Keep your personal data, online activities, IP addresses and physical locations private from prying eyes Free Wi-Fi scanner analyzes networks for security. WiFi alerts you when you connect to unsecured hotspots.

Blocks Wifi threats by shielding your home router and shows you everyone who is connected to it. Network Attack Protection This ESET feature inspects incoming packets for signs of an attempt to infiltrate the computer at the network level, and blocks those as well. Internet Security with antivirus protection | ESET ESET’s product licenses will activate protection across various operating systems, depending on the protection level. See ESET Licensing for more information. Get universal Internet security today. EDITION 2020 ESET INTERNET SECURITY . The best protection for everyday web users. Secures Windows, Mac, Android and Linux devices. [KB3754] Change network connection - ESET Knowledgebase