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How can I check what version of Android I have on my Depending on when your device was made, it may not be able to update to the latest possible version of Android, but this will depend on your specific device. Follow the steps below to find out how to check which version of Android your device is using. Find out how to check if there is an operating system update for your device. How do I upgrade the version of Android on my tablet? And sometimes they won't advance to a newer version (like going from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean) if the tablet's hardware isn't up to the task. That's when many users start to take matters into their own hands. You may have heard of "jailbreaking" for iPhones and iPads. The same thing is called "rooting" by the Android crowd. How to change fonts for Android — it's easier than you think

How do I upgrade the version of Android on my tablet

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How to update the Galaxy S5 - Android For Example, if you upgraded to Android 5.0 on your S5 it will stay as Android 5.0. The way to go about downgrading back to Android 4.2.2 originally shipped with the S5 is to Use Odin3 v3.10.7 for PC from SamMobile, then download your firmware version from SamMobile by typing in your model number i.e.. SM-G900F for a UK Galaxy S5. Question: How To Change Default App In Android? - OS Today